US Tricking's Mission

is to represent Tricking in the US to the best of our ability, honoring the sport's roots in inclusivity and community driven culture. USTricking aims to make tricking more accessible to athletes in the US, whether at the elite level or just learning, through growing events, fostering community interactions, and building resources for the community to expand and flourish.

Our Core Values

UST members are dedicated to advancing tricking through collaboration without controlling it. We're eager to assist in starting community gatherings, offering tips for those alone in new areas, and excited to partner with new faces and brands, striving to be a valuable resource for tricking enthusiasts across the US.


One of our key goals is to ensure that the sport is accessible to everyone, regardless of their skill level or background.

Community Oriented

Fueled by a community-driven culture, we aim to support gatherings, facilitate community interactions, and encourage collaboration among members.

Experience Tricking 2022
Winners of the Loopkicks 2023 Youth Bracket


We strive to empower you, the Tricking community, by providing resources, support, and guidance. We are here to help you kickstart your gathering, grow your community, and foster novel ideas.


We are committed to pushing the boundaries of tricking through collaboration among members, individual athletes, and brands.


US Tricking is a fiduciary for the community. We respect the independence of tricking and its events; the goal is not to control but to support and facilitate the sport's growth.


Constantly open to change and new developments, we encourage innovation within the community by welcoming new ideas, people, and brands to enrich the sport.

Aerial view of Trick Different 6 Mall Session