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US Tricking

Fostering the American Tricking Community and Beyond

Whether you're a seasoned battler, event host, casual gatherer, or entirely new to the tricking community, we're here for you!

What is Tricking?

Tricking (or martial arts tricking) is a non-combative, dynamic sport that incorporates elements of various art forms such as martial arts kicking, gymnastics flipping, breakdancing, and more, combining them into a single, performance-focused art form.

More than a movement..a COMMUNITY

We believe tricking is for EVERYONE. Through gatherings, trickers connect, share knowledge, compete, and form life-long friendships. Want to get started? Feel free to reach out to us for help!
Seminar at Battle of Fury 2022

UST League

Introduced in 2023, the UST League is an annual series of Tricking Competitions held throughout the USA.

Points are updated as soon as possible after each battle event! You can view the entire leaderboard for this year and past years on the rankings page.

US Tricking League Tier Badges

2024 Top 3

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Want your event to be a part of the UST League?

Register your event and make sure to check the box to be included in the league. Your event will be added to the league and the battle results will be counted towards the leaderboard upon verification.

Winners of the Loopkicks 2023 Youth Bracket

Upcoming Events

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Our Mission

To represent Tricking in the US to the best of our ability, honoring the sport's roots in inclusivity and community driven culture. USTricking aims to make tricking more accessible to athletes in the US, whether at the elite level or just learning, through growing events, fostering community interactions, and building resources for the community to expand and flourish.